About Us

Mercedes “Che” Reyes (MVR) has been in the reality industry since the 80’s. Her long career started with Mabuhay Brokerage the pioneer in Philippine logistics until it evolved into MVR Realty her solo foyer in the business. Since its inception ; MVR Realty has covered numerous functions in the Real Estate Industry but the company's heart was captured by Industrial and Commercial Leasing/Sale. It aims to nurture the Lessor/Lessee, Owner/Buyer relationship, ensuring a win-win situation at all times.

At that time, Mabuhay Brokerage was considered a trail blazer in logistics since it owned and operated trucks, warehouses and barges. Mercedes V. Reyes was then an assistant to the Managing Director while also acting as an agent to Mabuhay warehouses.

In 1996, Mercedes V. Reyes continued her work with Mabuhay and AVR Land Sea Transportation while her professional circle as an agent widened, concentrating on Warehouse Leasing and Sales . Notable clients such as San Miguel Corporation, Eastern Shipping, Procter and Gamble Philippines to name a few... but through consistent referrals, she had the opportunity to work with the largest manufacturing companies and third party service providers in the country.

In 2013, MVR Realty Services came to fruition. Having practiced and perfected property sales and all sorts of Real Estate solutions, MVR Reality has carved a niche in the industrial and commercial lease and sale. Her often times unorthodox/”thinking out of the box” style and fast paced work approach bring results to valued clients. practiced and perfected